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Ecological Services for Planning Applications

Our particular expertise is obtaining planning permission for our clients. We recognise that no two developments are ever the same and our tailored approach to projects ensures our clients receive a personal, professional, and efficient service every time.

Local planning authorities have legal obligations to take nature conservation into account when determining planning applications. This includes assessing the potential for protected species (such as bats and reptiles) as well as possible impacts on nearby sites designated for nature conservation, such as country and wildlife sites (e.g. SINCs) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Ecology: Often last but not least. We can help!

planning applications

If left too late, ecological issues could have a significant impact on the progress of your planning application. However, with early planning, it is usually possible for issues to be resolved to allow your planning applications to proceed without delay. Hampshire Ecological Services will ensure that your local authority receive the correct information on first submission, saving you time and money

An initial assessment will identify any potential for protected wildlife on your site and we will inform you of the most appropriate way to proceed with your application. Early assessments reduce delays and keep costs to a minimum. Hampshire Ecological Services offer a prompt and efficient service, working with your requirements to a high professional standard to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In most cases, a 1APP Biodiversity Checklist must be submitted with your planning application. This should be completed by a qualified ecologist and we are always pleased to complete these at highly competitive rates. Not all local authorities in the UK have made this form as explicit as it should be – causing much frustration to applicants who submit applications in good faith, only to find it is then rejected on the grounds of insufficient ecological information.

We also undertake Appropriate Assessment (AA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening for larger schemes affecting European designated sites (i.e. SPAs and SACs).

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